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Sorry, it's been a while since I made one, but I'm still working on everything else at the same time <w<;

Dressup of the new Black/White squirrel poke, which I couldn't pass up since I want to revamp all the 'chu' dressups anyway :B

I probably worked the hardest on the lineart in this one and MORE SPACE!

Now I am realizing how messy my chiramii dressup looks now. It may get cleaned up later :P

P.S. Credit me as always if used in a submission, and critiques are welcome.
A very interesting and appealing Dress-Up game. It is unlike many of your other Dress-Up games, I think. The Emonga [or Emolga] Dress-Up game definitely has more options, more variables than your other games, such as your Pichu Dress-Up game. Very smooth and original, in my mind, for I don't think I've ever seen an Emonga Dress-Up game [who knows if there's another one on dA?]. There seems to be no glitches, from what I can tell, which is very good. As well as that, I enjoy the option to be able to change the hood, paws, etc. colors, which is unlike many other games [sorry, I sound repetitive :P].
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Critique by rachelcutie02 Mar 28, 2012, 8:29:30 PM
i love it! one qeustion: whats with the pochirichu tail? i dont like it! :( I love your posts dont do another pokemon tail with a different pokemon! so dont do it!randome word time (ps i love all your pokemon things!):hhhj jvjhg ghjv j gtcfukbh gihgiub uhbivbjh goj hi kohbho b b h bh bh bhb hbh bhbh bh bh bh bh bh bh bh bh bh bh bh bh bh bui bhkjimm j mk mkm, klml , ikmi nmu nu u nu nun nuu nun uunu nnu unnu n u n u n b n b bn b b b b b bb becuse i cat do under 100 words
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August 20, 2010
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